Tips to Become a Better Forumer

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Tips to Become a Better Forumer Empty Tips to Become a Better Forumer

Post by ROBLOX Talkin on Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:31 am

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • You can use BB Code on this forum. However, they only work in the body of a post as opposed to the title.

  • You can use emoticons in the body, but not title, of posts. You can simply click on them on the list at the side, or enter the BB Code. All of the emoticons are as follows:
    Very Happy  Smile  Sad  Surprised  Shocked  Cool  Laughing  Mad  Razz  Embarassed  Crying or Very sad  Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil  Rolling Eyes  Wink  Exclamation  Question  Idea  Arrow  Neutral  What a Face  Like a Star @ heaven  Suspect  I love you  No  @  cyclops  clown  pirat  tongue  silent  pale  alien  cat  monkey  pig  rabbit  bounce  confused  affraid  Basketball  cheers  bom  drunken  Sleep  sunny  albino  cherry  santa  rendeer  farao  king  

  • You can change the color of the title. The entire title must be the same color, and to change it, click on the dropdown menu next to the title.

  • Options - Check "disable BBCode in this post" to turn off BBCode, check "disable Smilies in this post" to disable emoticons, and check "Notify me when a reply is posted" to receive a message whenever your topic gets replied to.

  • Polls - To create a poll, scroll down to "ADD A POLL." Type your question in the box labeled "Poll Question" and type your answers (maximum of ten, separate each option with a line break) in the box labeled "Poll Option." Select how long to run the poll for in the next blank (leave blank for an endless poll). Allowing multiple choice allows users to select more than one answer. Vote cancelling lets people remove their votes after voting.

  • The navbar is as follows:
    Text Editors - B makes text boldface, I makes text italic, U underlines text S strikes through the text.
    Alignment - Align left aligns text to left, align center centers text, align right aligns text to right, justify does not align at all.
    Listing - Bullet lists uses bullets to list items, numbered list uses numbers, and horizontal rule places a divider horizontally across post.
    Inserts - Insert quote inserts a quote, code allows you to enter code, spoiler enters a spoiler, hidden hides text, insert a table lets you insert a table.
    Media - Host an image lets you host your own image, insert image lets you insert an image, link allows you to make a clickable text link, YouTube allows you to insert a YouTube video, DailyMotion allows you to enter a DailyMotion video, and Flash allows you to enter a flash game or program.
    Font editing - Headers allows you to format headers for your post, font size edits the size of selected text, font color changes the color of selected text, font name lets you edit what font you use, and remove formatting undoes all of these changes.
    More... - Subscript and superscript really don't do anything, horizontal scrolling makes selected text endlessly scroll horizontally, vertical scrolling makes selected text endlessly scroll vertically, and random really does nothing.
    Settings - Insert current date lets you insert the date at the time of posting, insert current time inserts the time of your post, paste texts pastes text off of your clipboard, and switch editor mode switches the mode that you're in.

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